KBC provides holistic Onboarding solutions for the mining industry

While KBC Health & Safety has become synonymous with induction training and continues to provide superior training solutions, it has evolved into a holistic provider of Onboarding solutions in Southern Africa. “We strongly believe that setting a single standard of induction training across the mining industry will aid in reducing duplication of training, as services providers will have reciprocity across multiple sites,” argues Chief Operating Officer Sian Thurtell.

This is based on the five key pillars of Training, Systems, Consulting, Community and Risk Solutions.  In doing so, KBC is positioned to integrate with organisations’ value chains to ensure a streamlined and cost-efficient Onboarding solution. “Our primary function is to be the outsourced provider for contractor management across all sectors in South Africa. With a focused footprint in mining, KBC has and continues to assist mining houses with their contractor management and induction training requirements,” explains Thurtell.

KBC’s single-standard and reciprocity model has shortened the time taken to Onboard contractors while still ensuring that organisations, both inter- and intra-company, cover the basics of the Health and Safety Act through its induction training interventions. This is all achieved without jeopardising the quality of the learning or the contractors’ understanding of both the Act and its safety principles.

“The intention is to furnish the client with a one-stop shop to create a single point of contact for contractors that is designed to streamline the Onboarding process, ultimately reducing standing time and saving costs to the client,” elaborates Thurtell.

Making use of a fully integrated model allows for streamlining all of the steps within the Onboarding process, irrespective of the process flow. KBC’s fully outsourced solution, known as the ‘HUB’ or ‘One Stop Shop’, enables the client to work solely with KBC, while it ensures that all steps are taken to meet the Onboarding requirements.

KBC understands the process that contractors follow when Onboarding to a site. To guarantee an efficiently driven process, it has entered into agreements with alliance partners that facilitate work requirements outside of its scope. Allowing for KBC to manage and control the entire contractor Onboarding journey, the client holds only KBC accountable and responsible.

Contractor Onboarding is a systematic process which comprises of the following key areas:

  • Prequalification of service providers via a procurement system.
  • Security screening and checks.
  • Medicals.
  • Induction Training.
  • Third-party training as mandated by the client and communicated through a specific training matrix.
  • HR engagement, which consists of contractual or legal documentation that needs to be captured and uploaded onto SAP.
  • Site-specific training.
  • Completion of the SHE file, allowing for continuous updating and sign-off throughout the contract duration.

This process flow will change somewhat from site to site, but the above-mentioned areas form the basis of any Onboarding process across all sites. Reducing the Onboarding time allows for a plethora of benefits for both the service provider as well as the client.

These include reducing standing time and saving exponential costs for the client. Further to that, automating the Onboarding process through a tool such as Passport 360 converts the very manual administration heavy Onboarding process into a fully integrated online platform easily accessible by all stakeholders.

Passport 360 optimises the online administration, health and safety file management, procurement and compliance needs of both the service provider and the client. Improving visibility around compliance and risk ensures total compliance and leads to a safer and more productive workplace – Creating a ZERO HARM culture.

About KBC Health & Safety
KBC Health & Safety is a subsidiary of the Workforce Holdings Limited. We have a national footprint. We train, on average, 120 000 learners every year. Quality is key! From our facilitators to our course material we are all about EXCELLENCE. Our technology-driven products position our clients to achieve a ‘No Harm’ culture. We customise our programmes and delivery for our clients’ target market.

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