Fibertex leads the way in filtration, wound care and critical cleaning, through advanced technology, expertise and innovation

Fibertex Nonwovens, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of nonwovens and performance-based materials used in diverse industries, is playing a critical role globally, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Fibertex team has worked closely with healthcare professionals for over 50 years, to develop materials that offer dependable solutions for facemasks and respirators, hospital clothing, wound care and dressings,” explains Sefton Fripp, Commercial Executive, Fibertex South Africa. “The company also manufactures high-performance wipes, which are used for critical cleaning in the fight against the coronavirus.

“By combining advanced technologies with stringent hygienic manufacturing protocols, Fibertex provides reliable products that not only meet our customers’ exact requirements, but also conform with the highest standards in filtration, fluid absorption and critical cleaning.”

Fibertex high performance materials for facemasks

Fibertex synthetic nonwovens and nanofibre-treated products are certified for use in various functional layers in protective facemasks and respirators. Functions include moulding supports, particulate efficiency layers and barriers against the COVID-19 virus. These high-performance materials also offer protection against bacteria and liquid penetration.

Quality filter media is combined with advanced filtration technologies – including nanofibres – to ensure dependable filtration solutions for a safer environment. By utilising premium, high-efficiency Fibertex nanofibre layers in the production of protective face masks, end-users can expect to reach N95 and FFP2 level of protection. The main benefit of Fibertex nanofibre layers, being a purely mechanical filtration layer, is guaranteed efficiency of the filtration layer during the lifetime of the mask.

Another important benefit is durability of the nanofibre layer, which enables extended storage time of masks, making them suitable for use as disaster and epidemic relief safety stocks.

Fibertex Adhetex nano materials are most commonly used in HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for masks, industrial dust collection, gas turbine air inlet filtration, air-conditioning units, automotive components and filters in domestic vacuum cleaners. Fibertex depth filtration media – which extend the service-life of the filter – have a gradient structure comprising an initial pre-filter layer, a dust-holding layer and the final nanofibre layer.


The Fibertex Medico range comprises a wide selection of fabrics used for wound-care and dressings, which incorporate advanced manufacturing processes, including highly advanced needlepunch and spunlace technologies.

Medico products are supplied in various weights and fibre blends, according to specific requirements. Needlepunch nonwovens can be used for bandages and absorbent pads for dressings, while spunlace materials form part of the assembly of compresses and dressing plasters. Fibertex materials are custom-engineered, with uniformity of weight and thickness and are certified by leading quality, environmental, health and safety authorities.

Fibertex also manufactures a wide range of specialist nonwovens for wipes used in diverse industries, including medical services, pharmaceuticals and general care. These wipes are also suitable for use in the food and beverage sector, as well as for electronics and printing.

Fibertex materials – incorporating highly advanced needlepunch and spunlace technologies – are perfect for the manufacture of different cleaning products, for example, disinfecting wipes, household floor wipes, pet wet wipes and cosmetic wipes, as well as wash gloves.

These products can be used wet or dry, impregnated with carefully-selected components for specific purposes, like polishing, cleaning, personal care and for the removal of bacteria.

Spunlace nonwovens are manufactured with consistent weight and thickness, from 30 gsm to 120 gsm, in different materials, including polyester, viscose, polypropylene (PP) and polyactic acid (PLA). These materials ensure that wipes are soft in texture, with excellent resistance and high absorbency. Fabrics are available in plain, apertured, embossed, white or coloured.

Fibertex needlepunch fabrics ensure wipes are soft in texture, with excellent resistance and high absorbency properties. This range is manufactured with consistent weight and thickness, from 60 gsm to 650 gsm, in polyester, viscose and PP.

Fibertex also offers the finest solutions in acoustics, automotive, building, composites, concrete, filtration, furniture and geotextiles.

The local operation, with its head office in Kwazulu-Natal, benefits from support from the holding company in Denmark to guarantee the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards and cost-efficiency. Global collaboration enhances the performance, safety and reliability of every Fibertex material.

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