Hamm: Numerous innovations in earthworks and asphalt construction

Innovations in machine technology and digital solutions

At bauma, Hamm will present a jam-packed program. This includes numerous world premières as well as innovative further developments. The spectrum of innovations ranges from compactors and pivot-steered tandem rollers, electrified tandem rollers and options for earthworks and asphalt construction, through to the Smart Compact digital compaction assistant.

World première in earthworks: Compactors from the HC series

With the HC series, Hamm is bringing together all compactors with an operating weight of 11–25 t (24251-55115,6 lbs) on a single platform. The engine power levels are between 85 and 160 kW, their emissions comply with the respective regional requirements. The centrifugal force of the HC series is up to 15% greater than in the predecessor series. Thanks to an integrated ECO mode, the rollers work in the economical partial-load range for most of the time. With over 20% increased tread, around 30% increased space, and even more storage compartments, the Easy Drive cabs are more comfortable than ever. Furthermore, the vibrations and the noise level in the cab, which was already low, could be further reduced. Many options are available for all models – from the automatic engine stop through to the dozer blade. Furthermore, with numerous interfaces, the compactors in the HC series are “digital-ready”, in other words, they are read to be used in an extremely wide range of tools. In addition to the variants that were hitherto available on the market, in the future, there will also be CR machines with specially reinforced equipment for use on rocky ground and on difficult terrain.

HC CompactLine series

In the future, the segment for small compactors (5–7 t, 11023,1-15432,4 lbs) will be covered by the HC CompactLine series. The 7 t (15432,4 lbs) roller is still the most compact roller in this weight class on the market. In contrast to the predecessor models, Hamm has further improved the driving comfort, and has increased the traction and gradeability. Various digital tools are available for the HC CompactLine, in particular the Smart Doc app for the GNSS-based self-monitoring and documentation. 

A world first in asphalt construction: Pivot-steered tandem rollers from the HX series

The HX series is the new flagship from Hamm for asphalt construction. The pivot-steered tandem rollers (7 t or 9 t, 15432,4 or 19841,6 lbs) are following in the footsteps of the DV+ series and are designed for high-quality compaction. There are models with split and non-split vibration and oscillation drums, as well as combination rollers. A key component of the well-conceived compaction technology is the integrated automatic reversing: It brakes and accelerates the rollers quickly, but smoothly. The electrically adjustable seat operating unit, which automatically turns to the direction of travel when reversing, is unique on the market. The excellent visibility also contributes to the quality – including a window in the cab floor for a view of the drums. Furthermore, the Smart Compact compaction assistant also supports the driver when selecting the settings.  

With Smart Doc and Smart Compact, Hamm is presenting new digital tools at bauma 2022, including new options such as diesel-powered tire heating for pneumatic-tire rollers, new chip spreaders for tandem rollers and new dozer blades for compactors.

Eight tandem rollers with electric drive

An additional bauma innovation and world première are the eight electrified tandem rollers in the HD CompactLine series from Hamm, which is used across the world. The operation and the compaction parameters are identical to the corresponding diesel-driven machines. The completely battery-powered rollers can work for an entire typical work day with the Li-ion battery (capacity 23 kWh) without needing to be charged. The electrified models also include the world’s first electric combination roller with oscillation. Thanks to the oscillation, it compacts particularly quietly with reduced vibration input into the environment and, thanks to the electric drive, is emission-free.

Tire heating with diesel instead of gas

With innovative tire heating for the pneumatic-tire rollers, Hamm has further simplified the handling: In future, gas no longer has to be carried along as a second operating material. The new, easy-to-operate, diesel-driven power unit heats the tires quickly and can therefore prevent the asphalt from adhering to the tires. This means that high-quality compaction is possible, even in wind or cold weather. The burner is fed with diesel from the fuel tank. By supplying all functions via a single energy source, Hamm is simplifying the logistics and increasing the functional reliability.

At bauma 2022, Hamm is presenting numerous new series and models: the HX series (pivot-steered tandem rollers), the HC series (compactors over 11 t / 24251 lbs), the HC CompactLine series (small compactors) and electrically powered compact rollers from the HD CompactLine range.

New chip spreaders for the HX series

With the new line and disc spreaders for the rollers in the HX series, Hamm is offering practical solutions for spreading asphalt surface courses. The line spreaders create a uniform spreading pattern, whose spreading width is set precisely and maintained. The spreading quantity is regulated depending on the working speed and is itself constant when driving more quickly or when tilting. All spreaders can be conveniently installed and dismantled using a quick coupling. A bracket with three-point mounting bracket, a rear-view camera, a special lifting device and a lowering device round off the offering.

Smart Doc and Smart Compact: Digital assistants for earthworks and asphalt construction

Smart Doc shows in real-time how the compaction develops, and links the machine data to GNSS position data. The app uses this data to create compaction reports in PDF format and is therefore also suitable for self-monitoring. The Smart Compact compaction assistant is an absolute novelty and raises the quality of the compaction to a new level – on the one hand, by integrating local weather data into the evaluation. The second innovation: In addition to the physical properties of the asphalt, the system also evaluates its complex cooling behavior. Using this, it continuously determines the optimal setting for each drum separately, i.e. whether compaction is carried out with vibration, with big or small amplitude, with oscillation or statically. The driver only enters which layer is to be compacted. Furthermore, the assistant can move the roller into ECO mode and therefore save fuel.

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