Screening Across Applications 

A key attribute of Metso Outotec’s Lokotrack® ST2.3™ scalping screen is not its compact design but its ability to be deployed in several applications and process various feed materials. Leveraging the machine’s unique versatility, contractors can transfer productivity from one jobsite to the next despite the changing conditions.

The new Lokotrack® ST2.3™ mobile scalping screen is the most compact mobile screener with wide screen and aggressive stroke.

Contractors know that every jobsite is different. However, they are also aware that they don’t have the comfort of purchasing specific pieces of equipment to match the needs of every project. With a growing requirement to do more with less, contractors can take advantage of the Lokotrack® ST2.3™ scalping screen’s versatility, which allows it to be adapted and deliver the desired results on a broad range of applications.

Newly launched and now available locally from Pilot Crushtec International, the Lokotrack® ST2.3™ scalping screen is a multi-use scalping screen perfectly suited to heavy duty scalping, fine screening and recycling. Dubbed the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of screening, the machine is designed to process a range of materials, from topsoil and recycled concrete waste, to road base material and fine aggregates. 

The machine can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a multi-stage crushing and screening process. Its versatility is enhanced by the various screen media options, including grizzly, punch plate, finger grizzly and wire mesh. 

The ST2.3™ can be easily transported in one piece between sites. The set-up is quick and easy with hydraulic functions and visual indicators.

Despite its compact build, the machine punches above its weight with a 4.6 m² screening area, the widest in its class. This is complemented by an aggressive stroke up to 13 mm with 5G acceleration, resulting in a high screening performance. 

Contract crushing is a nomadic venture by its nature, which often calls for moving of machines from one site to the other. With that in mind, Metso Outotec paid particular attention to ease of transportation during the development of the Lokotrack® ST2.3™ scalping screen. With its compact screen box size (3,040mm x 1,520 mm) and optimised weight (17 000 kg), the machine can be moved from one site to another using a standard trailer, thus helping contractors cut back on transportation costs. 

Amid record high fuel prices, fleet owners will benefit from the machine’s fuel efficiency. Powered by a CAT® C3.6 diesel engine, the machine consumes as low as seven litres of fuel per hour, translating into lower total cost of operation. 

With Metso Outotec’s IC automation system, fleet managers can monitor, control remotely and automate the screening process for better performance. With information on upcoming maintenance needs, fleet managers can plan their maintenance breaks effectively to reduce machine downtime. IC automation also makes the work of operators safer with the remote-control features.

Talking points 

  • The machine sets new standards in versatility with its ability to process various feed materials across primary scalping and fine screening applications
  • With its compact screen box size (3,040mm x 1,520 mm) and optimised weight (17 000 kg), the machine can be easily transported in one piece using a standard trailer
  • With a 4.6 m² screening area, the Lokotrack® ST2.3™ has the widest screen in its size class
  • An aggressive stroke up to 13 mm with 5G acceleration results in high screening performance 
  • The machine’s fuel economy helps fleet owners reduce their operating costs


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