Infinidat Builds Momentum with AIOps to Enable Enterprise Customers to Simplify and Improve IT Operations through Storage-as-a-Service

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, today announced that it has delivered on its storage-as-a-service (STaaS) strategy via AIOps technology and flexible consumption models at petabyte scale. The company’s Neural Cache deep learning technology, AIOps offerings, strategic partnerships and consumption-based models have resulted in significant momentum helping enterprise customers simplify IT operations.  

“The breadth of Infinidat’s end-to-end AIOps offerings differentiates us in the enterprise market, enabling centralized operations, improving cost management, and resulting in scalable, multi-petabyte storage-as-a-service,” said Phil Bullinger, CEO at Infinidat. “We are leading the way to radically simplify IT operations at scale. Simultaneously, we are helping our customers fulfill service level agreements with 100% guaranteed availability and mission-critical performance. Infinidat is aligned with the needs of enterprise customers for AIOps and continues to reinforce the value we create for customers.”

Infinidat’s technology foundation delivers data storage solutions with 100% availability, high performance and the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO), at petabyte scale. Critical for delivering these benefits to customers is Infinidat’s multi-dimensional AIOps approach, including the complementary combination of AI-in-the-box (Neural Cache embedded inside Infinidat’s systems), AI outside the box (InfiniVerse® spanning across the portfolio of Infinidat platforms), and Infinidat’s wide ecosystem of AI technology partnerships.

Neural Cache provides deep learning capabilities within InfiniBox® and InfiniGuard®, providing built-in intelligence that optimizes infrastructure and application environments on an ongoing basis. Neural Cache dynamically adapts to changing application, user and performance demands, yet without administrative overhead, delivering a zero-touch, set-it-and-forget-it experience. Infinidat’s unique AI in the box enables SLA-based guarantees, predictive abilities, and optimal combinations of underlying media. Recently, Infinidat extended its platform to include a solid-state array (SSA), further increasing its performance and availability advantages for the most demanding applications.

As shown on Gartner Peer Insights, an existing Infinidat customer from a large public sector organization commented about the lower administrative overhead and superior user experience. “We have moved over our entire Enterprise Storage Ecosystems to Infinidat and consolidated from multiple platforms, vendors and solutions. The solution provides easy to provision, manage and scale storage for both file and block. This will help reduce our operational overhead and free up our team to focus on more strategic efforts than managing storage infrastructure.”

Complementing the intelligence built into Infinidat systems, InfiniVerse® is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a consolidated AIOps environment for customers’ full Infinidat estates. As the first piece of Infinidat’s AI-outside-the-box offering, InfiniVerse delivers predictive analytics, early issue detection and enhanced, proactive support – a key component enabling the storage-as-a-service experience for Infinidat customers, without an additional charge. A customer on Gartner Peer Insights shared feedback about Infinidat’s AI outside the box: “InfiniVerse is nice for central monitoring and gives a perfect overview for ongoing issues and performance.”

Infinidat has been offering consumption-based pricing models since 2015, steadily adding capabilities to align with customer needs. Today, Infinidat offers FLX, a complete OpEx business model launched in 2019. And for optimal versatility, it created Elastic Pricing, a unique blend of CapEx and OpEx pricing that expands its original Capacity on Demand pay-as-you-grow program. These choices allow customers to purchase Infinidat offerings anywhere on the spectrum from CapEx to OpEx. When combined with Infinidat’s comprehensive AIOps capabilities, the result is a STaaS experience tailor-made for enterprise requirements and economics throughout the deployment lifecycle.

“Infinidat’s approach to storage as a service is compelling because of the combination of AIOps technology, strategic partnerships and flexible consumption models,” said Amanda Regnerus, EVP Business Development at US Signal. “Having AI and Neural Cache in InfiniBox enhances the ability to simplify operations and create the set-it-and-forget-it experience that Infinidat is known for. Infinidat has advanced expertise in AIOps that we believe is critical for us in building differentiated services for our customers, delivering on SLAs like performance and reliability, while minimizing cost.”

“We have been working with Infinidat’s flexible consumption-based models for years, and we’re excited about the direction that Infinidat is taking with AIOps, fortified by Elastic Pricing, to set the backbone for storage as a Service,” said Allen Shahdadi, VP of Global Sales at Sycomp. “Infinidat’s AIOps offerings make our lives easier because our customers have a better experience. As a result, we are able to increase our profitability while providing more value.” 

Infinidat is leveraging its well-established, software-defined storage architecture that includes the use of AIOps for centralized infrastructure and data services with a primary control plane. Infinidat helps enterprise customers use AIOps for IT operational needs by providing capabilities for capacity management, cost optimization, workload management, and predictive, AI-driven analytics tools.

The company has also broadened its ecosystem for integration with third-party cloud and hybrid cloud solution providers, enabling customers to leverage cloud automation, orchestration and its AIOps platform. This expansion has unified infrastructure intelligence beyond Infinidat solutions. The ecosystem, which already intersects with VMware, OpenStack and Kubernetes ecosystems, includes strategic alliances with Virtana and other major players to allow more than 10 AIOps platforms to coordinate with InfiniBox. This expands the options that customers have to leverage the power of AIOps across their multi-vendor environments.

For more information about Infinidat’s flexible consumption models, click here.

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