Chemical pump acceptance testing from the comfort of an armchair

Local pump manufacturer, KSB Pumps and Valves has launched an innovative online acceptance test procedure that no longer requires customers nor their engineering teams to be present when acceptance testing takes place.

The service was initially implemented to curb expenses that are usually incurred through travel and accommodation to test centres. The remote pump acceptance testing has also allowed business to continue as usual during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

According to KSB Pumps and Valves technical manager, Friedrich Görgens, acceptance tests and final inspection are an essential proof of compliance when purchasing pumps and equipment to ensure the guaranteed values are met. In the past, customers always had to travel to the test facility to witness their purchased pump being tested.

Improved convenience

“Online acceptance testing is KSB’s answer to improve the ease and convenience of acceptance testing. They are transmitted live via the internet and are encrypted to be accessible only to required users. It allows the customer to see a live camera view of the pump in the test facility as well as the characteristic curve being generated live from readings taken and displayed during testing.

“In addition to pressure and flow data, the test software records all further performance data required for a measurement to inspection/testing standard DIN EN ISO 9906, enabling the derivation and assessment of the pump’s efficiency. Additional measurement and recording of bearing temperature and vibration is available. These are displayed live in parallel to the performance and incorporated in the final test report.

“We provide the customer with organisational information, order data sheets and a precise description of the acceptance testing prior to the acceptance test. This includes details on the measuring instruments used including the corresponding calibration certificates. After the acceptance test KSB display the results for comment and then e-mails the customer with the certificates within minutes, says Friedrich.

Testing centres

Online acceptance testing is available at KSB Pumps and Valves South Africa’s test centre in Germiston and the facilities can accommodate pump sets with a drive rating of up to 550kW and flow rates of up to 3000m³/h and discharge pressures up to 60 bar. String tests with the customer’s original motors, transformers and frequency inverters can also be performed. A YouTube video is available on that shows the online tests in operation.

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