siFramo Launches in South Africa


A first for its kind in Africa, siFramo is a non welded support system that saves time, money and labour.

15 years ago, Sikla pioneered siFramo: a versatile, multifunctional, and high load bearing modular steel support system. SiFramo is the only system with 1-Screw technology in the world and is now available in South Africa.

What is siFramo:

  • siFramo is a non-welded steelwork support system for the modular construction of frames and structures. A first real alternative to welding.
  • The system enables multidirectional connection possibilities without the need for through-bolts and back-plates.
  • The connection method is simple, fast, reliable and safe. The entire system is certified according to international standards.
  • The box section profiles have a high torsional resistance and a fine adjustment capability for connecting members.

How is it assembled?

  • siFramo is assembled via thread forming screws.
  • The non-cutting cold formed threads of the screw form their own threads into the pilot holes of the perforated siFramo profiles.
  • The low thread forming torque and resulting high clamping force, offers a superior process-reliable shake-proof fastening.
  • The thread forming screws are removable and can be used again.

Applications examples:

Pipe Support
High Voltage
Pipe Bridge
Plant Room
Solar Support


  • Reduced Overall Project Time                                                    
  • Detailed Design later possible and still adaptable                                  
  • Cost and time advantages regarding transport (earlier or cheaper)       
  • More economical (material, installation time, overall)
  • No skilled staff needed, possible to be built by one person        
  • Material on stock
  • Fabrication can take place anywhere
  • Weight saving about 50%, hence less/no crane and less man power (costs)   
  • Instant corrosion protection (HDG)                     
  • Static proof by RStab calculations          
  • Adjustments and modifications easily possible
  • Reduced impact on the environment      

For more information contact:

Gismo Installations cc

Anton Swanepoel

T: +27 72 275 6317



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