A ‘one-stop shop’ for adaptors and reducers

Struggling to find a certain size thread adaptor or reducer for your application? “We have an enormously large range and high availability. If you are looking for any type of adaptor or reducer of any specific size and thread type for both Ex d – Explosive Atmospheres and industrial applications, we have what you need,” says Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger. The advantage of using Pratley’s adaptors and reducers is that the range is IECEx approved and is also available in either stainless steel or nickel-plated brass.

A Pratley adaptor for a Size 2 cable gland to be fitted to a Size 4 junction box.

Adaptors and reducers allow cable glands to adapt to threaded entries that are too large or too small for their connecting threads. Instead of drilling and tapping new entries or buying new cable glands, an adaptor or reducer can be used to accommodate the size difference or thread type difference.

They are also not limited to cable glands but are suitable for any other apparatus that needs to be adapted or reduced. This saves both time and costs in the field. Pratley’s adaptors and reducers are supplied complete with a waterproofing gasket on the male threaded part to maintain an ingress protection rating of IP66 and IP68.

The fact that they are also fully certified to SANS and IECEx standards for use on Group I, IIC and IIIC for Ex d/e/nR and t enclosures makes the range ideal for hazardous area equipment, IECEx explosive atmospheres, ATEX and IECEx manufacturers and notified bodies and global industrial explosion prevention professionals. The certification ensures they can be used in a variety of applications, including petrochemical, offshore and marine, construction, mining, manufacturing and industrial applications.

“We have found that many companies do not always know what adaptor or reducer to use. To overcome this issue and to make it easier for our customers, we recently developed an Adaptor and Reducer Selection Tool in the form of an app freely available on our website,” comments Kruger.

The app can be found at www.pratleyelectrical.com under the ‘Resources’ dropdown menu and then selecting ‘Adaptors and Reducer Selector’. By just answering a few basic questions, it is easier than ever to find the right adaptor or reducer for your application.

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