Durban Everything Industrial Expo Roadshow

Roadshows are highly effective platforms for companies to showcase their products and services. They also provide the perfect opportunity for meaningful face-to-face networking for both exhibitors and visitors.

Why you should participate at the Roadshows?

  • Meet active new buyers
  • Boost your profile in the industry and add value to your brands
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness, show your full product range in real life
  • Meet your potential customers face-to-face, and accelerate the buying process
  • Create valuable business connections
  • Launch a new product and generate instant interest
  • Develop a personal relationship with both the exhibitors & visitors
  • Your elected company representative/s can achieve in a few hours what independently could take months

Why you should visit the Roadshow:

  • Networking opportunity with your client or potential client
  • Opportunity to meet big brands
  • See the product and meet the team
  • Gain a better understanding of the product and service
  • Learn about the latest and trending products and services your industry as to offer
  • One-on-one interaction, business matchmaking opportunity