SDLG getting the job done for 50 years

Represented by Babcock in southern Africa since 2012, Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Company Limited (SDLG) celebrates its 50th anniversary of operating in the construction machinery industry this year. SDLG is listed in the Top 100 of China’s Mechanical Industry Enterprises, and has a 70% shareholding by Volvo Construction Equipment. 

Jay Moodley, regional manager of Babcock’s equipment division, says that Babcock has gained considerable market ground with SDLG since introducing the machines to the southern African infrastructure sector 10 years ago. 

“SDLG is a quality value brand that complements and supports the premium Volvo range of construction equipment. SDLG machines are developed around the concept of ‘reliability in action’, and are designed to be reliable, hardworking, cost-effective and easy to operate,” says Moodley. 

“When we introduced SDLG to the market, Babcock went to great effort in building customer confidence and trust in the brand. Over the last decade, our customers have seen that SDLG machines are competitively priced, fuel efficient and easy to service and maintain. With strong aftersales support from Babcock, the machines have proven their reliability to get the job done, and we have made solid in-roads in the infrastructure sector with the SDLG portfolio.

“Our customers were already familiar with the high standards of Volvo construction equipment, and were reassured that SDLG products are also manufactured to similar standards at the state-of-the-art factory in China. SDLG is very responsive to customer feedback and places ongoing emphasis on innovation in all phases of its design and production to deliver ever more dependable products and services to its global customer base,” says Moodley.

He adds that lead times on SDLG machines are good as the company is flexible with ordering products, rather than working on a build-slot basis like many other OEMs. 

As part of its aftersales support, Babcock has streamlined SDLG part availability and holds a constant inventory of spares to provide fast assistance. “We are committed to keeping our customers going and preventing units from standing. We pride ourselves in our aftersales service, and have branches across the country, including the major port hubs,” affirms Moodley.

“Of note is that the SDLG machines are serviced by our Volvo-qualified mechanics, so our customers know their machines are getting top-class servicing.”

Babcock currently offers three SDLG products in southern Africa: the 9220F grader, and the 938L and 958F wheeled or front-end loaders. 

Moodley says that the grader is used predominantly in the public sector for road maintenance, and that the pricing and availability of these machines, combined with the aftermarket service from Babcock have positioned the SDLG grader as a front-runner in this sector.

The majority of the wheeled loaders are used in southern Africa’s coastal belt at ports for material handling, moving of mineral resources, commodities and fertiliser, stock piling, and loading and offloading of vessels. Some wheeled loaders are also used in quarry applications, and clean-up operations in the public sector. 

Demand for South Africa’s mineral resources on the back of the electric revolution, and the war in Ukraine has seen an increase in port activities, which in turn is driving the demand for material handling machinery, says Moodley. “There is huge potential for growth in this market, and Babcock is continuously seeking opportunities to supply products required by the industry.”

The SDLG product range currently available in South Africa includes: 

  • SDLG grader G9220F 

The G9220F is a well, balanced, versatile machine for all grading applications, with good traction and excellent blade down force. The 164 kW Dalian Deutz engine has three power curve settings for the smoothest grade on any surface while reducing fuel consumption. The Machine Blade Control System (MBCS) is controlled by hydraulic mechanical levers in the cab, allowing the operator to swing the blade himself if required. No manual handling is required for improved safety. 

  • SDLG wheeled loader LG938L

The 10.7 tonne LG938L is an excellent utility machine with a robust structure and easy, comfortable single joystick operation. The box structure frame of the LG938L offers best-in-class robustness. The LG938L is powered by the Weichai Deutz engine and equipped with a smooth power shift transmission.

  • SDLG wheeled loader 958F

Part of the new F-series wheeled loaders, the 958F features a modern design and several improvements such as a new 3,2 m3 bucket designed for efficiency and productivity; a new SDLG transmission matched to a powerful and efficient 6 cylinder engine to deliver maximum torque from the engine to the wheels; and a larger cab with 20% more glazing for improved visibility, safety and efficiency.

“On behalf of Babcock, we would like to wish SDLG a very happy 50th anniversary. We are proud to have represented the brand in southern Africa for the last decade, and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future,” concludes Moodley.  

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