Speciality lubricants reduce downtime for essential mining equipment

Failure to use the correct lubricants in mining equipment increases maintenance costs and leads to more downtime and production losses. FUCHS LUBRICANTS has been a trusted partner of the global mining industry for more than 85 years. “Our comprehensive range of lubricants for surface and underground applications meets extreme demands,” comments Dave Gons, National Sales Manager, Mining and Regional Mining Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa at FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA. “Our range not only boosts equipment life but improves the health and safety for operators and other workers.”

FUCHS LUBRICANTS has been a trusted partner of the global mining industry for over 85 years

The mining industry is an important growth area for the supplier in South Africa, not only in terms of products, but in servicing the centralised lubrication systems deployed by large mining operations. “We have both a sales and service division, each with its own specific focus. The aim is to provide our mining clients with complete solutions for their lubricant requirements,” says Gons.

Depending on the specific mine, FUCHS LUBRICANTS offers either a roving field technician to respond to any maintenance or support issues, or it has an on-site technical team on a full-time basis. “These technicians are responsible for looking after all equipment using FUCHS products, in addition to carrying out any repairs necessary and compiling full reports,” explains Gons.

Mines also have specific shutdown periods that provide a critical window for essential maintenance and repair of major equipment. “We have a dedicated shutdown team to meet this need,” adds Gons. FUCHS LUBRICANTS has the technical capability and resources to install any centralised lubrication systems on-site, as well as to provide the necessary technical and support backup.

Commenting on the latest trends in lubricants developed specifically for the arduous operating environments of the mining industry for both underground and surface operations, Gons says the spotlight is now on blending calcium sulphonate greases. Another trend is fire-retardant hydraulic fluids, which is a major focus for global research and development.

Products for the mining industry include RENOLIT greases for permanent and long-term lubrication for high performance, reliability, and process compatibility, and RENOLIN industrial oils for diverse applications from hydraulic oils to turbine oils.

“The mining industry has adapted due to global issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant slump in commodity prices. Reducing costs and improving the return on investment are increasingly crucial factors, especially when it comes to maintaining any equipment and ensuring optimal performance at all times. This is where our speciality lubricants continue to play a leading role,” concludes Gons.

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“The mining industry is an important growth area, from lubricant supply to servicing centralised lubrication systems.” – Dave Gons, National Sales Manager, Mining and Regional Mining Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA

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