No time for operations to stop in data centres

Continuity of operations during power outages is critical in all sectors of business and has become even more important in digitally-driven environments, like data centres.

No organisation can afford to experience disruptions of services, especially businesses that depend on critical access to cloud environments. There has been a significant increase in the utilisation of cloud computing during the global Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in greater demand for storage space and infrastructure – all of which is handled by data centres.

Data centre with 19 inch racking systems that incorporate the Keor Line RT and the Daker DK Plus rack mountable UPS units

According to Legrand – global specialists in electrical and digital building infrastructures – a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is essential in data centres, to ensure that electrical power to equipment is never affected or interrupted and that data centres are fully operational during power outages.

UPS systems also prevent power surges and provide a consistent, filtered power supply and avoid power lapses, thus protecting critical equipment. UPS devices also prevent data losses and maintain battery life of the system.

Legrand’s advanced UPS systems ensure continuity of service of essential electrical equipment in data centres, by providing reliable performance in terms of power and back up time, particularly during electrical network disturbances – like power outages and loadshedding – that are increasingly common in South Africa.

Individuals and businesses rely on the continuous operation of centralised, networked computers at data centres, to process, store and share large quantities of data at all times.

Work that requires intense hours of concentration is valuable for businesses and can result in direct financial losses if a PC or server suddenly fails under a power loss, for example, design software and work programmes that communicate via a server.

Legrand specialists advise that servers need to be powered down, as a sudden, cold switch off may result in loss of data. If the power to a server is interrupted during its operation, the UPS will automatically run a systems-check on rebooting, prolonging startup and extending the systems to be offline.

Legrand’s UPS products are divided into two categories – single-phase and three-phase units – with solutions that ensure optimum performance in terms of power and backup time.

Important systems for use in data centres are Legrand’s conventional UPS Keor LP units, which are single-phase on-line double conversion VFI-SS-111 devices, from 1 to 3 kVA and Dakar DK Plus units, which are single-phase on-line double conversion VFI devices, from 1 to 10 kVA.

The Legrand design team has incorporated advanced technologies into these new systems, to optimise energy-efficiency and an intelligent battery charging system extends the system’s service life. In addition to significantly reducing UPS consumption and operating costs, these features also reduce the environmental impact of battery disposal.

An important benefit of Legrand’s modular UPS systems is the power supply is customised to exact requirements and can be modified at any time. Standard modules can be added to existing configurations to increase power or backup time.

A range of communications accessories has been designed for managing and configuring the UPS, as well as for remote control of the system. These devices include network interfaces for real time control of the UPS and for managing numerous events that include no power, over-loads and by-pass problems. These network interfaces, with a 32-bit processor, do not require any external software. Other accessories include sensors for monitoring ambient temperature and humidity, smoke detectors and fire safety controls, as well as air conditioning fault and intrusion detectors.

Communication and supervision software for accessing the operating parameters of the UPS and for carrying out full diagnostics and the configuration of specific functions, is also available. Legrand’s online site configurator assists with the selection of the correct UPS, by providing easy power selection and calculation of the necessary back-up time required.

The Legrand team offers a technical advisory service to ensure that the volt-ampere (VA) rating of the selected UPS device is compatible with the total load of the equipment and accessories that need to be protected at the data centre.

In addition to UPS systems for data centres, the company also offers carefully designed solutions for offices, shopping centres (especially cash registers), hospitals, medical centres and hotels. Other applications are in factories and warehouses, as well as airports, rail and ship transport.

Legrand’s also offers UPS systems suitable for home offices, which are gaining popularity during the current Covid-19 pandemic.


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