BMG’S Nord Ie5+ Motor Generation from Nord Drivesystems

BMG and German precision engineers, Getriebebau Nord entered a partnership agreement in 1996 to assemble, distribute and support NORD DRIVESYSTEMS throughout Southern Africa.

BMG has made a substantial investment over the years to ensure assembly, stockholdings and technical support for the Nord range are in line with stringent international quality, safety and environmental standards.

“NORD DRIVESYSTEMS – developed by Getriebebau Nord and assembled locally by BMG – comprise optimum drive configurations, to ensure high-performance of mechanical speed control for specific applications, in almost every industry,” says Deon Crous, National Product Specialist, NORD Drive Systems, Electromechanical Drives division, BMG.NORD modular drives – designed for reliability, energy-efficiency, low noise levels, extended service life and reduced maintenance – are used in applications where frequently changing speeds are essential and where a specifically-defined sequence of movement is required.

BMG’s IE5+ motor generation from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a high-power density and raises the LogiDrive concept for intralogistics to a new level with regard to energy-efficiency and reduction of variants.

“BMG’s IE5+ motor generation from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, which combines high-efficiency and a compact design, delivers reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The special design of the IE5+ motor and its operation with a frequency inverter, means the same motor variant can be universally used. Another advantage is that the same motor type can be used independent of the respective mains voltage or local energy-efficiency regulations.

“These energy-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors offer a high-power density, have considerably lower losses than the current IE4 series and are particularly well-suited for operation in the partial-load range. Compact IE5+ motors, with lightweight aluminium housings, require less installation space.

“This range is initially available in a size for power ranges from 0.35 to 1.1 kW, with a continuous torque from 1.6 to 4.8 Nm and speeds from 0 to 2,100 min-1. Nord plans to eventually include more sizes and various power ratings to this series.”

BMG’s corrosion-resistant Nord IE5+ motors, which have been designed for easy cleaning and wash-downs, are ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive applications and in harsh environments. These motors are available with nsd tupH surface treatment, an IP69K protection class and an integrated mechanical brake. An integrated encoder forms part of the standard equipment.

Nord IE5+ synchronous motors can be combined with all NORD gear units and drive electronics as a modular system to enhance LogiDrive systems. Standardised geared motor variants – consisting of an energy-saving synchronous motor, a 2-stage helical bevel gear unit and a NORDAC LINK frequency inverter – have been specially developed for use in intralogistics, parcel logistics and airport technology, representing an optimal compromise between energy-efficiency and a reduction of variants.

Solutions are customised to suit each customer’s specific requirements, by utilising the high-overload capacity of the motors and the system’s wide adjustment load range.

According to Nord specialists, all components of the modular plug-and-play drive technology of the LogiDrive system can be individually serviced, which minimises maintenance and repair costs.

BMG’s team of technicians, with extensive experience in gearing, offers a technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa, which is tailored to meet the precise specifications of contractors, designers and the end-user.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are easy to expand or upgrade, using a minimum of different types and sizes of components. Local assembly at BMG World in Johannesburg enables prompt delivery of drive systems and the quick availability of spare parts.


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