BMG’s Fenner Red Powertwist Plus Drive V-belts for the food and beverage sector

BMG supplies a wide range of power transmission components, designed to enhance efficiency and safety in the food and beverage sector.

Included in this portfolio are Fenner high-strength friction transmission belts that offer dependable performance in heating, cooling and ventilation applications in food and beverage production, processing and storage.

According to BMG specialists, if components aren’t able to cope with grease conditions and in high temperature environments, they should not be in an industrial or restaurant kitchen.

Fenner Red PowerTwist Plus V-belts for ventilation in the food and beverage sector

“Key products in our food and beverage range are Fenner Red PowerTwist Plus Drive V-belts, that have been developed to withstand the effects of grease and heat, which are problematic, not only during production of food and beverage goods, but are also challenging in industrial and restaurant kitchens,” explains Leon Alberts, Operations Manager, Power Transmissiondivision,BMG. “Grease, which is unavoidable in large kitchens, is sucked into ventilation fans, causing many problems to ventilation.

“Conventional rubber V-belts don’t cope well being exposed to exhaust air that is laden with grease, especially at elevated temperatures. The base rubber of traditional rubber V-belts, which supports the load-bearing cords, breaks down in hot, greasy conditions. This results in belt stretch and premature failure and even ventilation fans that don’t operate effectively.

“Fenner Red PowerTwist Plus Drive V-belts are proven to withstand grease and high temperature conditions and offer efficient service life for up to six times longer than conventional rubber V-belts.”

Fenner Red PowerTwist Drive V-belts are manufactured from a high strength composite polyurethane/polyester that offers complete resistance to grease contamination and can withstand temperatures up to 116℃.

They are also designed for quick and easy installation, without the need for tools and without the inconvenience of dealing with corroded motor adjustment systems. These belts simply roll onto the drive like a bicycle chain, ensuring minimal downtime. No dismantling of equipment is necessary and users always have the right size because it is easy to make the belt any length.

PowerTwist Drive belts combine extremely high strength with low stretch and have the same power ratings as conventional V-belts. The elasticity of woven polyurethane fabric enables these belts to be stretched over a pulley drive without any damage.

Fenner PowerTwist Plus Drive V-belts, which are a permanent replacement for rubber V-belts, are available from BMG in standard A, B, C, D and Z V-profiles.

This robust and flexible range, which is easy to install and maintain, is available nationally from BMG’s branch network. The company offers a technical advisory and 24-hour support service throughout Africa.


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