AutoCAD 2022 set to improve architectural, engineering and construction productivity

The tried and tested commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application for architecture, engineering and construction, AutoCAD, has been upgraded. Developed by software engineers Autodesk and distributed across southern Africa by WorldsView, AutoCAD 2022 enhancements include the AutoCAD web and mobile apps, and trace and share features for online collaboration, among others. AutoCAD 2022 includes concessions to the mechanical, electrical and architectural industries that take it beyond a conventional ‘CAD tool’.

These concessions, announced at the launch of the product in Q1 2021, consist of specialised toolsets that automate industry-specific tasks, and libraries with a total of  750 000 parts, symbols and features. Other enhancements include Trace, a markup and review tool that alters existing drawings and allows for comments and feedback in a separate window; and a Count feature that supports productivity by automatically counting blocks and geometry. The completed count can be exported to a table that is dynamically updated as drawing changes. Also new is a Share facility that allows users to send a controlled copy of their drawing to teammates and colleagues, which can be accessed from anywhere.

The upgraded software has been developed for both the Windows and iOS versions of AutoCAD, and this is the first time the two versions have been released simultaneously. For iOS, the upgrades include Apple AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac. Block libraries in AutoCAD for Mac now allow users to display recently used blocks in the block library tab, and any drawings and file folders, stored either locally or in the cloud, can be inserted as a block.


AutoCAD 2022 now facilitates the sharing and mark-up of DWG files in web and mobile applications, and its web application uploads drawing templates and plot styles. It also connects to files stored in Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Drive, and in your own cloud storage – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox. Autodesk now adds support for these cloud storage services.

A small, but time-saving, upgrade is the ability to push and publish CAD drawing sheets as PDFs from AutoCAD to Autodesk Docs without having to save and upload PDFs. To ensure increased productivity, the newly added Floating Window allows users to view and edit multiple drawings on one screen in a single AutoCAD session.

Additional new features include:

  • Drawing history: Compare past and present versions of a drawing and see the evolution of your work.
  • Xref compare: Compare two versions of a DWG including from external references.
  • Blocks palette: View and access your blocks content from AutoCAD on desktop or within the AutoCAD web app.
  • Quick measure: Display all nearby measurements in a drawing simply by hovering your mouse.
  • Cloud storage connectivity: Access any DWG™ file in AutoCAD with Autodesk’s cloud, as well as with leading cloud storage providers.
  • AutoCAD anytime, anywhere: Create, edit, and view CAD drawings through the browser using the AutoCAD web app or through the AutoCAD mobile app.

“It is easy to install the upgraded version of AutoCAD, and users can continue working on their older AutoCAD version while the new one installs itself,” explains Chelsey Turner, Infrastructure Segment Marketing Manager, WorldsView.

WorldsView is Autodesk’s value-added distributor across South Africa.

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