Dependable solutions for concrete slab curing

Fibertex SA – specialists in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of nonwovens, geosynthetics and performance-based materials for diverse industries – has developed a curing blanket solution, designed to optimise the curing of large concrete pours, by controlling the loss of moisture.

Typical installations are in warehouses and large concrete slabs that require the desirable properties of concrete, such as impermeability, compressive strength and durability.

Fibertex curing blanket

The Fibertex curing blanket solution, which is used to cover concrete surfaces when the material has set, has been designed to reduce the loss of internal and surface moisture and to control the temperature, for optimum hydration of the cementitious materials and to mitigate shrinkage of the concrete.

“It is important that when concrete has been poured, it is protected against drying and from temperature variations, to prevent shrinkage and to ensure better abrasion and scaling resistance – thus greater durability of the structure,” explains Brian Potgieter, Technical Sales Engineer, Fibertex South Africa. “The Fibertex curing blanket is manufactured from a high-quality absorbant synthetic fabric, coated with a thin impermeable polyethylene film. The fabric absorbs and distributes water evenly, resulting in optimum and uniform curing conditions for concrete, with minimal colour variations.

“The impermeable film of the blanket prevents loss of moisture needed for concrete curing, without drying or shrinkage. The staple fibre geofabric blanket reduces temperature variations in the day and night, even in extreme temperature conditions and maintains both the desirable temperature and mositure content required for complete hydration of the concrete.”

Care must be taken not to damage the sensitive concrete surface during application and for this reason, the blanket is packaged in a convenient roll for easy installation. The fabric must be placed with the fabric side facing the concrete. Panels should overlap by a minimum of 10 cm and must extend beyond the edges of the slab.

Fibertex specialists recommend placing rows of sand, or FiberRock 20S geobags which can be reused along all edges and and overlaps to protect the curing blanket from displacement.

Concrete should be kept covered for the first seven days, depending on the concrete structure and weather conditions.

Fibertex products meet consistent quality standards at all production facilities globally and are supported by a technical advisory and back-up service.


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